Covid-19 updates | East by West Ferries

Covid-19 updates

East by West Ferries has resumed operating to our full weekday timetable from Tuesday 2nd June.

Click here to go to our timetable page.

Please note that we have reduced capacity on our ferry and operate on a first come, first served basis so cannot garauntee there will be space for everyone.
We appreciate your understanding and patience during this time.

Matiu/Somes island will also be open during this time.
Please note there is limited capacities allowed on the island. 

East by West Ferries passenger information

Below are guidelines for how East By West Ferries will operate under level 2. 

General information:

• Do not travel with us if you are feeling at all unwell.
• We will be running to a restricted timetable until further notice.
• The capacity of the ferry will be 36 people downstairs and 20 upstairs.
• No standing will be allowed on services so all passengers must be seated for the duration of the trip.
• No fares will be collected so all trips will be free until we advise otherwise.
• There will be no bar or snack sales.
• We will be contact tracing so please bring your own pen onboard (more information below).
• Please wash or sanitise your hands before and after using ferry services.
• Sanitiser is available onboard for all passengers.

Ferry services

To allow our staff to physical distance while also providing a safe service:
• We ask that passengers who require extra assistance boarding and disembarking when travelling on our ferries please avoid travelling with us during this time. 
• If you bring a bike onboard, you need to be able to carry this on and off the boat without assistance from our crew.
These measures have been put in place to keep our staff and passengers safe and we appreciate your understanding.

Peak commuter sailings:

Commuters travelling on our peak services:
• Passengers should line up with two-metre spacing while waiting for our ferry, both at Queens Wharf and Days Bay.
• Passengers catching the 8.45am sailing from Days Bay will need to wait at the end of the wharf to allow Wellesley students to disembark and get off the wharf walkway before boarding.
• For all other morning sailings, passengers can wait along the wharf walkway.
• Passengers on afternoon sailings should wait at the top of the ramp, not on the floating pontoon.

Off peak sailings:

• All passengers will be expected to wait at the end of Days Bay wharf for the 10.40am and 12.45pm sailings to allow passengers to disembark. Waiting for the 3.15pm sailing can be along the wharf walkway.

Contact tracing

We will keep a record of everyone that uses our services so we can easily contact trace if needed. 
• Please fill out contact tracing cards located on seats and place in one of the boxes provided onboard. It is important you clearly record your name, contact number and the date / time of your sailing. You can also add your email if you would like updates from East by West ferries.
• Please bring a pen with you each time you travel, there will be pens available if you do not have one and you can keep these to prevent sharing pens.

Physical distancing

• Our seats have stickers indicating where you can and cannot sit. There will be space for everyone on board to have a seat. There is no standing on our services.
• Please observe physical distancing while boarding and with our staff members.


• Our ferries are being fogged with a germ shield coating before we resume services.
• All of our touch surfaces will be sprayed with hospital grade surface cleaner at the end of every day.