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Queens Wharf - Mātiu/Somes Service

Travel between Queens Wharf and Mātiu / Somes Island

Weather can affect our sailings and we do not update our website with cancellations, please check service alerts on the Metlink website for up to date travel information. 
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Traveling with us

  • This ferry takes passengers between Queens Wharf and Mātiu/Somes Island only
  • Spaces to and from Mātiu/Somes on each trip are limited. 
  • Each trip to Mātiu/Somes has a specified departure time that you must catch off again.
  • If you're traveling from Queens Wharf we recommend being at the ticket office 30 minutes before departure time to purchase tickets, especially if it is nice weather. 
  • When traveling with us, please arrive at the appropriate wharf at least 10 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time so you are ready to board.
  • If you're overnighting at Mātiu/Somes Island, you must make a booking via the DOC website, and confirm your travel dates with us at reception@eastbywest.co.nz. Note the "last sailing" times for overnighters in the timetables below.

Weekday timetable

Effective from Mon 16th October



Departs from
Queens Wharf

  Departs from
Mātiu/Somes wharf
Visit time
Option 1 10:00 am      12:50 pm* 2.5 hours
Option 2 10:00 am      2.55 pm* 4.5 hours
Option 3 12:00 pm**      2.55 pm** 2.5 hours
Note: There is also a pick up from Mātiu to Queens Wharf at 11.25am for overnighters
* This ferry departs from Matiu/Somes and travels back to Queens Wharf via Days Bay.
** This ferry travels to Mat/Somes via Days Bay, and then returns back to Queens Wharf via Days Bay.

Weekend / Public Holiday Timetable

Valid from 23rd September 2023


Departs from
Queens Wharf

  Departs from
Mātiu/Somes wharf
Visit time
Option 1 9:15 am   11:15 am 1.5 hours
Option 2 9:15 am   12:15 pm 2.5 hours
Option 3 9:15 am   1:15 pm 3.5 hours
Option 4 9:15 am   2:45 pm 5 hours
Option 5 10:15 am   12:15 pm 1.5 hours
Option 6  10:15 am   1:15 pm 2.5 hours
Option 7 10:15 am   2:45 pm 4 hours
Option 8 10:15am    3:45 pm 5 hours
Option 9 11:15 am   1:15 pm 1.5 hours
Option 10 11:15 am   2:45 pm 3 hours
Option 11 11:15 am   3:45 pm 4 hours
Option 12 12:15 pm   2:45 pm 2 hours
Option 13 12:15 pm   3:45 pm 3 hours
Option 14 1:45 pm   3:45 pm 1.5 hours

Times above are departure times from the wharf. Travel time is 25 minutes.

Limited spaces are available for a round trip from Queens Wharf to Mātiu/Somes to Days
Bay (returning back to Queens Wharf). Please enquire at our ticketing office if you
would like to do a round trip.
Other tips
  • Click here to find us on Google Maps
  • Sailings may be cancelled at short notice due to weather, check Metlink for updates about cancellations.
  • Daily Timetable Enquiries phone Metlink 0800 801 700
  • You can purchase a gift voucher here