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April Newsletter

April 14th, 2015 by Jeremy
Dear Commuter


Welcome to winter! How cold was it this morning?

I wanted to give you an update as early as possible on the status of our CityCat  Ferry.

We now have her out of the water at Seaview Marina where we have assessed the damage due to hitting a submerged object recently. The bad news is it will require some extensive repairs. Even though the impact damage on the bow is not significant, water has got in under the outer fibreglass layer and caused some delamination of the fibreglass outer layers on the inside starboard hull and this has to be rectified, dried and repaired. Consequently we are expecting the ferry to be off service for some 6 weeks while these repairs are attended to.


We will however utilise this time to bring forward our annual survey from 1st May when she would have been off service for 2 or so weeks for that work to be carried out. We’ll also make sure we use this opportunity to do a full refurbishment of the ferry so when she comes back into service she’ll be looking very smart indeed and ready for business!


So in the meantime we will be operating on our restricted peak commuter sailing schedule with the larger CobarCat Ferry. All off peak and weekend services will run as per normal however there will be no weekend Round Harbour Explorer Tours. Also there will be no sailings in or out of Seatoun. Therefore the timetable until further notice is as below:


Weekdays Departing Queens Wharf:

AM: 6.25am, 7.15am, 8.10am, 10am

PM: 12pm, 2.15pm, 4.30pm, 5.30pm, 6.30pm

Weekdays Departing Days Bay:

AM: 6.50am, 7.45am, 8.35am, 10.30am

PM: 12.40pm, 3.15pm 4.55pm, 5.55pm, 6.50pm


We’ll keep you posted as to how the repairs and refurbishment is going but in the meantime if you would like to be on our text update service for disruptions for weather or otherwise please email Coralie in the office with your mobile phone number: Also similarly if you wish to be on the email newsletter database.


We do apologise for any inconvenience the service disruption may cause and we look forward to getting back to full service as soon as practically possible.

Happy sailing


Jeremy Ward


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