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Commuter Survey Results

May 8th, 2014 by Jeremy

East By West Ferries

On Board Commuter Survey April 14

144 respondents

Summary of Results


Reliability of Service

97% very good or good


Punctuality in Departure Times

92.35% very good or good


Customer Service

98% very good or good


Facilities offered on board

84% very good or good


Notification of service cancellation

86% very good or good


How likely to refer ferry services to someone else

Scale 1 -10, 97% 8 or more  (51% @10)



Summary of additional comments received

Quick and easy to travel on. No hassle
Its comfortable
Very good service and efficient
The ferry is reliable and fast
Fast and scenic/relaxing way to travel
Its a fun way to get across the harbour
I love it
Happy with the service
Convenience of service, pleasure to take the trip each day
Speed and convenience, pleasant trip compared to traffic
Best way to travel between Wellington and Eastbourne
Saves time
Very reliable service particularly after storms and earthquakes
Rather expensive
Such a good way to commute
Often recommends to others
Can be expensive if not a daily commuter
Very useful
When the weather is fine, highly recommend
Stress free and no hold ups
A unique experience, lovely staff
Reliable transport between Wellington and Eastbourne
Great way to travel to work
Boats are way more fun than buses
Quicker travel
Nice way to commute
Most efficient way to get to work
Cant beat travelling to work this way, lovely staff
Good reliable service, great way to travel
Fast easy way to get to Eastbourne
Too expensive
Best commute in Wellington
Convenience and speed
Great way to get in and out of Wellington
It beats bussing
Not stuck in traffic
A bit slow sometimes
Nicer way of getting into the city
Best way to get to Eastbourne
Best way to get to work
Better than bus
A great way to travel to work
Best commute on the planet
No traffic
Its the most relaxing reliable way of getting to work
Great way to travel to work
Friendly crew, lovely crossing over the harbour, very relaxing
Fast and reliable
Very efficient way to travel at peak times and beautiful
Good service
Beats sitting in traffic
You can always improve
Ease of commute
Good value

Make an app (locations of ferry, updates, cancellations)
Have a late sailing on Friday at least once a month
Environmental impact, how green/not green is the ferry compared to buses
Overall, the service is excellent with reliable vessels and friendly competent staff
A real asset to Wellington, fabulous
If people are late the ferry should leave without them
Put down the ramp at QW more often when busy
Getting snapper working
Another boat would be good
Overall service and staff A-, 8.35am lets the service down
Have a monthly happy hour
Crew could be a bit more attentive/ comfort passengers in rough sailings
Have wine and cheese or mulled wine for passengers
Great service
Breakfast snacks
Power outlets for commuters
Keep up the good work, great service
Get wifi
More cancellations since Seatoun incident – think this is very sensible and responsible
Think it would be nice to know about the new owners/what their plans are
Confusion between child and student prices
Are all the skippers up to speed?
Hope the service remains affordable
Love the service
Need an extra sailing between 7.45 and 8.05
If sailings were more frequent and right time, would be a perfect run for the airport
Better access for the increasing number of bikes
Bigger faster boats

Comments as to increasing patronage

More services/ regular sailings
Happy hour
Reduce fares
Family discounts
Loyalty Cards
App for smart phones
8.05am being direct
More ferries at peak times
Improve 8.35am being on time
More trips to Seatoun
Jeremy popping down to boat more
Connect with buses at DB
Better quality coffee
Late night Friday sailing
Snapper option
Free Newspaper
Get Third boat


What do commuters like best?

Closer and more convenient
The different places we go to
Better than the bus
Quick and consistent
The trip and its on time
Its faster than driving
No traffic, friendly crew
Predictability of departure time
Fresh air plus lovely staff
Relaxing start and finish to working day
The fact we put on shuttles if ferry is cancelled
When we detour to see dolphins and orcas
Nice way to travel without lots of people
Sense of community onboard, sometimes a sense of adventure
Great way to travel
Being on the sea
Spacious seating
Punctual and social
The bar
Frequency of sailings
Handy to where i work and live


What do commuters like least?

Cancelled too often
Doesn’t go regularly during the day
Fares too expensive
Texts come through to late
Wet seats upstairs
Lack of clarity around bikes
Sailing when we shouldn’t be

Sometimes sailings are cancelled for weather when the conditions do not warrant

Lack of sailings outside commuter times
Toilet smells
5.50pm sailing to Seatoun – make direct to DB
Late departures
8.35 sailing – never on time/ 7.45am to busy
Bad weather/bumpiness/rough seas
Skipper who doesn’t come across as professional or trustworthy
No wifi
Arrival times often delayed
Skipper not looking where he is going
Crowded at peak times
Confusion between student/child prices
Lighting can be poor in the mornings
Seatoun service

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