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Commuter Survey

May 8th, 2014 by Jeremy
Dear Commuter


Just a quick update for your on our recent on board commuter survey.

We had a great response to the survey and I personally would like to thank everyone who took the time to complete the survey.

It’s a great tool for us to assist to provide you with a first class public transport service with a personal edge to it!

 The survey certainly evidences the popularity of the service and further that you think we are doing pretty well. We’re ecstatic that 97% of you consider our reliability of service is very good or good! Also 98% of you also consider our customer service is very good or good! That’s  certainly an overwhelming vote of support for our hard working crew who are  thrilled with the result!  We’ve got a great team and I know they really appreciate the positive comments made!

 That’s not to say we can’t do a few things better and we know we’re not perfect. We are really grateful for the comments as to what we can do better or change or introduce. We’ll be taking those comments on board over coming months and we’ll review where sensible changes can be made.

 We’ve posted the full summary of the survey results on our website (for a limited time) under the commuter newsletter and you can either visit our website,  or if you are receiving this electronically, click on the following link :

 Also, we promised a draw for a commuter monthly ticket from all responses received. Quite a few of few said why don’t you spread the goodwill and draw 3 ten trips rather than one prize of a monthly! We say that’s a damn good idea so this afternoon on the 4.30pm ferry we did just that and got one of our regular commuters, Neil Gray to pull out the winning names. Many thanks  Neil!

 And the lucky winners are: Ann Hester, Craig Alderson and John Woodnorth.

 Congratulations to our winners and Anneka will be contacting the winners with the good news!!

Once again many thanks to all who participated and here’s to all of you for helping make the service what it is!!


Happy sailing


Jeremy Ward


East By West Ferries

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