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To all our Seatounite Supporters.

September 4th, 2009 by Jeremy

Firstly let me say from all the team here at East By West, we love the support we get from our passionate Seatounites supporters and we really enjoy our daily visits to Seatoun Wharf!

As I believe most of you know, we’re really keen to increase our services in and out of Seatoun and add at least two earlier sailings to our weekday departures in the morning peak commuter hours (and the same in the afternoon evening for the return trip).

It is though somewhat of a catch 22 situation as to do this we need that third ferry and we can’t justify that third ferry until we get our numbers up on our existing schedule.  Now we fully realise the current 8.20am departure from Seatoun Wharf to Queens Wharf is too late for a lot of would be supporters, but unfortunately we can’t bring that sailing forward to due the schedule servicing our established Eastbournite commuter market.

So the long and short of it is we are on a mission to increase our patronage on the 8.20am sailing out of Seatoun by 6 – 10 commuters a day (& the 3.40pm & 5.50pm return from town) and we’d really value your support to assist us.

The first thing we’d really like to ask you is for any ideas you might have on how we can better promote ourselves in the Seatoun area and to local residents in particular. One initial question that you may be able to help us with is what local newspaper is widely distributed and read in Seatoun? We’d obviously like to run a promotion through it to encourage potential commuters to try us out.

We have a number of other stimulating marketing initiatives in mind and we expect to be implementing them in the next couple of months. But in the meantime we love to hear from you with any ideas you may have and we’ve got a complimentary 10 trip to give away to the best idea that comes forward.  Please don’t be bashful as all and every wacky idea will be gratefully received. And it’s all about working together to progress the introduction of a dedicated ferry to service Seatoun which I know a lot of you are as passionate about as we are! Please lets hear from you! We’ll let you know some of those ideas (and the winner) in our next newsletter.

As part of our initiatives, we expect to have a Seatoun page on our website shortly whereby we can keep those interested particularly in Seatoun posted on what’s happening and obviously the ‘contact us’ page is another way to get in touch with us.

Also if you do know of others who would be interested in joining our supporters base please do tell them to send in their email address and we’ll keep them informed with newsletters such as this and other information as it comes to hand. The bigger our database the stronger the third ferry goal becomes and the more influence we can assert!  And if anything is certain, we are not known for giving up. We have dogged determination and you will see that Seatoun ferry arrive!

In the meantime you can contact us through our website or feel free to email me direct on We just want to hear from as many as possible with any and all  ideas, comments, support, brickbats or whatever!

Until next time.
Happy Sailing

Jeremy Ward

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